Periodic Maintenance and Instructional Videos
Most of the amenities in your apartment require no maintenance by yourself. However, following is a list of items which you will need to maintain during the lease period.

Clothes Dryer Filter:

There is a filter in the top section of your stackable dryer which needs to be cleaned every time you use the dryer. Remove this filter by pulling the cover plate off. There are two finger holes for this purpose. Throw away the debris and replace the filter. Your dryer will not operate properly without this cleaning and it will cost more to operate.

Furnace Filter:

Your furnace filter is located behind the metal grille in the hallway between the bedrooms. You may replace this unit yourself if you are using a higher efficiency filter for better allergy or dust control. Pivot the two metal tabs at the top (use a screw driver because the tabs can be sharp) then swing the cover down. The filter size is 20" by 14".

Light Bulbs:

Alll of the light bulbs in the building are long-life LED lamps. Please notify management if a light bulb burns out and we will replace it.
Instructional Videos
Click on the Links Below for Short Videos on Using and Maintaining Your Apartment
Clothes Dryer Filter
Washing Machine
Range Exhaust
Electronic Thermostat
Door Intercom
Range/Oven Operation
Range/Oven Cleaning
Vinyl Floor Cleaning
Garbage Disposal
Carpet Cleaning
Internet and Wi-fi Setup
Entry Door Camera Setup
Closing Bedroom Windows