Preventative Maintenance
Eastview Apartments is a firm believer in preventative maintenance. This means that in addition to addressing maintenance requests from tenants we continually look for ways to improve the physical facility. In the 20 years since Eastview was built we have:

1. Replaced all kitchen, bathroom and laundry tile flooring with vinyl plank flooring and rubber base.

2. Replaced all of the furniture 5 times, donating the previous sets to charity.

3. Replaced all kitchen and bathroom faucets.

4. Replaced almost all carpeting in the building.

5. Replaced almost 1/2 of washer/dryer units in the building.

6. Replaced all toilets with dual-flush, high efficiency units.

7. Replaced all mattresses with higher quality mattresses. Protective mattress covers are provided.

8. Replaced all wood bed frames with steel spring frames.

9. Replaced all lighting with high-efficiency and long-lasting LED lighting.
10. Replaced all cooking ranges with glass top models.

11. Replaced all counter-top microwaves with built-in combination microwave and range hood units.

12. Replaced living room and kitchen ceiling lighting with Ikea decorative light fixtures.

13. Installed 12 wireless access points throughout complex for best integrated wireless reception.

14. Upgrading manual thermostats to electronic programmable wi-fi thermostats.

15. Replaced Cisco 1811 router with Dell Sonicwall gigabyte enterprise-class router.

16. Replaced Hewlett Packard 4000 Series switches with Cisco gigabyte intelligent switches.

We are committed to making Eastview the best it can be and keeping it in a condition that both management and tenants are proud of.