Tenant Union Notes
The Champaign-Urbana Tenant Union has a great deal of information on their website at https://tenantunion.illinois.edu/index.asp. Their website is a great reference and is an essential tool in finding an apartment. One of their major items is an Apartment Hunting Checklist. If you click on the link below you will see this list along with our answers to their questions.
Apartment Hunting Checklist
Clicking on the other links below will take you to various sections of the Tenant Union website. These are also available from the Tenant Union Home Page.
Apartment Search
Apartment Checklist (See our completed form above)
Brochures on: Renting an Apartment, Tenant Union Services, Renter's Glossary, Renter's insurance, Roommate Agreement Form, General Information and Risks of Subletting and Being a Sublet, Damage/Security Deposit, Bed Bugs, Pets and Housing Quick Tips.
Quick Guide to Renting Apartments
Lease Review
Housing Explorer