Cleaning/Repair Costs
Following is a partial list for approximate costs for items which would be charged against your security deposit should damages occur. These are cost estimates, but reflect past historical charges.

General Removal of Apartment Trash $ 10 (Remove all trash)
Cleaning of Balcony $ 10 (Remove all trash. Sweep clean)
Living Room Carpet Replacement $300 (If damaged)
Bedroom Carpet Replacement $250 (If damaged)
Kitchen Counter Replacement $450 (If scratched or gouged)
Table Lamp Replacement $ 25 (If damaged)
Dining Table Glass Replacement $350 (If damaged)
End or Coffee Table Glass Replacement $ 50 (If damaged)
Mattress Replacement $250 (If stained or damaged)
Oven/Range Cleaning $ 75 (Clean top and inside of stove/range. Pull out/Clean)
Range Hood/Microwave Cleaning $ 20 (Clean inside and outside)
Refrigerator Cleaning $ 25 (Clean inside of refrig. Pull out and clean behind)
Microwave Cleaning $ 20 (Clean inside and outside)
Kitchen Sink Cleaning $ 15 (Clean sink and faucet)
Counters and Cabinets Cleaning $ 20 (Clear out cabinets of trash and liners. Clean bottoms)
Laundry Room Cleaning $ 20 (Clean floor, remove trash, clean top and sides. Wipe off all detergents)
Kitchen, Bath, Entry Floor Cleaning $ 25 (Use mop or wet swifter)
Bathroom Tub Cleaning $ 35 (Remove dirt and grime to clean, white finish)
Bathroom Toilet Cleaning $ 10
Medicine Cabinet Cleaning $ 10 (Remove all debris, wipe clean inside and out. Clean mirror)
Bathroom Sink Cleaning $ 10 (Clean faucet and basin. Clean inside of cabinet)
Bedroom Window Cleaning $ 10 (Wash windows, sills, vinyl surfaces)
Removal of Nails/Tape. Spackling $ 15 (All dirt and debris should be vacuumed away)
Clean glass tables $ 10 (Wipe down dining, coffee and end tables)
Clean entry door and frame $ 10 (Clean inside and outside)
Clean Return Air Grille in Hallway $ 5

Normal wear and tear is factored into some items such as painting. Carpeting, countertop and fixture replacements are usually the direct result of damage such as cutting, deep scratches or burns. We apply reason to all charges. It is important that each apartment send in their damage photos at the beginning of the year so that damage responsibilities can be accurately assessed.