Apartment Move-in Items
Within two weeks of moving into your apartment you should send a photographic description of any major imperfections in your apartment to the management office (rdevine100@gmail.com). You could also text us at 217-377-1197. The photos do not need to include minor items such as small nail holes or a chip in the paint, although those should be mentioned briefly in the message text. These photos will act as the sole record of your apartment condition after move-in. They will be referred to when you move out and in reimbursement of your damage deposit.
The following utilities may need to be contacted upon your moving in or out of your apartment.
Electricity Ameren IP 1-800-232-2477

Water Service Illinois American* 1-800-422-2782

Cable TV Comcast 1-866-942-1341

You may be able to set up your apartment utilties through the utility company's website, though we would recommend that a direct phone contact is the best way to communicate for this.

*The water company, Illinois American, may tell you in random cases that you need to be present for the water to be turned on or that your water won't be turned on until after the school year has started. If they do tell you that then send me an email or text and we'll make sure that your water is on when you need it.