Wi-fi and Network Setup
1. The service is always on. There is no utility to call to set up service.

2. Make sure that your operating system is updated with all security patches. No less than Windows 10 is acceptable.

3. Set your operating system to automatically update itself.

4. The Windows integral firewall is adequate. If you use another firewall simultaneously they may conflict and keep you off the network.

5. Turn off any file sharing programs. If you are acting as a server you will take too much of the building bandwidth. Most of these programs share by default.

6. The purpose of Eastview's internet service is to provide general internet access for classes and browsing. When everyone uses it this way it works very well.
Wi-fi Setup
There are two wireless networking channels that make up the Eastview Network. The fastest one is Eastview5, operating at 5 ghz. This is the preferred network to use. To set up, on your device simply select Eastview5 and then type in the password that Eastview management has given you. If your device does not have the capability to use a 5 ghz network then you will need to connect to Eastview24. The password is different than that for Eastview5 and can be obtained from Eastview management.

If you are using devices such as wireless printers, follow the setup procedures in your device's manual to establish wireless connections.
Hard-wired Setup
1. The service is always on. There is no utility to call to set up service.

2. Plug the network card of your computer or console into the bedroom networking wall jack. Those are located at the outside wall next to the closets. If the jack is being used for another device, call Eastview management to help with your setup.

3. Set up your computer or device to automatically be assigned an IP and DNS address. There are no passwords with hard-wired installations.
General Computer and Networking/Internet Notes